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Sharp Ovarian Pain in Right side?

I stopped taking birth control about 3 months ago. My periods have been irregular, but I just figured that it is normal to have unusual periods when you come off the birth control. Last month I had 2 days of severe heavy bleeding…only 2 days (which I put off to not ovulating that month). I took a pregnancy test and it was negative.

This month I am a few days early to start, and had heavier bleeding than I have ever had. I was going through both tampons and pads ever hour. Again it only lasted 2 days. However, this time I am have serious sharp pain in my right ovary. This started on the 2nd day of my menstruation cycle, while I was still bleeding. If I sit still long enough to bypass the pain, I can kinda feel similar, yet no so bad pain on the left side and mild pain in my lower back.

I do not have a history of UTIs but I do have a history of having yeast infections.. this does not feel like that, but the back pain is similar. My body does not interpret pain properly either, I don’t usually feel pain unless something is very bad.

My mother has a history of have a ridiculous amount of miscarriages in a short time, but she’s never mentioned anything about cysts in her ovaries. This pain is soo excruciating every time I move around! I don’t have any money so I would prefer not to see my doctor, particularly since my mother is his receptionist and she is unaware that I am not taking birth control and I ‘d like to keep it that way.
Should I go back on the birth control? Could that cause more hormonal problems in the future?

also, should I take a pregnancy test?

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