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Ovarian pain, sore nipples, peeing alot, ????

I just ran out of birth control pills about 3 weeks ago. My boyfriend and I used condoms at first but then decided that it would be okay if he just pulled out. Well for about the past 2 or 3 days I cant even have sex because my right ovary gets this horrible pinching pain. We still did stuff though but deep penetrating positions are what makes the pain 10 times worse. I also have had really wierd light yellowy colored discharge and I’m a day late for my period but I don’t normally have a period when I’m not on the pill since I was on the Depo shot. I’ve been peeing alot, my nipples are staying hard and slightly sore too but idk if it sounds like pregnancy or not. Any explanations???
I’ve already been tested for stds and everything came back negative.

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