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Ovarian Cysts Burst Symptoms

I have PCOS. but is it normal?

I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome ORK 4 years ago and I know the main symptom is abnormal uterine bleeding. But the time between my last period and the cycle was 17 months earlier. and the cycle before 9 months. It began with 3 to 4 months between each, but it seems to be getting worse. So you stabbing pain in the center and sides, but once every two weeks and said it was due to rupture of the cyst … this right is or may be another explanation?? Help.

Yes, it is certainly possible, and perhaps another symptom of PCOS (it seems a more serious case). Could be the origin of the cyst throbbing pain (but not rupture, which may be just getting bigger, or more in development)? It could also be something else. You should see a doctor and get an ultrasound. How will you cope with polycystic ovary syndrome. Are you TTCing? If u is not going to TTC, it is best to take pill (after getting the cyst / treats pain). If you are planning to TTC, you need the help of specialists and should take metformin. Good luck.

bursting ovarian cysts

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