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Ovarian Cyst Urinary Tract Infection

Pain in right ovary, fragile .. period? Help?

Therefore, I had constant pain in my right ovary area for last three weeks .. with nausea, I went to the doctor, I had tests for pregnancy (negative) ITU (negative) and STD (negative) im scheduled for a ultrasound on Friday to see if an ovarian cyst, but I started my period today and have been very sick and dizzy .. I'm a vegetarian too fragile, so they thought could be low in iron and potassium, so I took some supplements, eat protein and a banana, but does not seem to help any .. I am a little worried .. Are different things .. completely? Or it could be something that all these symptoms ..? x

If it's a pain in the right ovary, then it was a good idea to be revised. I do not know if someone said, but alternatively ovulation each month and you will experience pain / discomfort each month, which is released on the side of the egg, that can describe pain or reason behind this sentiment. I have no professional advice from my mother was a nurse, so have the knowledge, but it seems that symptoms separately ….

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