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ovarian cyst + tailbone pain?

i have been suffering from terrible tailbone pain for about 2 months. I went to 2 doctors and they said I most likely had a cyst on my tailbone but it was too far under the skin to lance so each gave me different antibiotics and pain meds and that was it. After about a month, i went to a 3rd doctor who said the same thing, but referred me to a surgeon to have it removed since i was in so much pain. surgeon said no cyst, sent me for an mri of pelvis. mri shows nothing wrong at all with my tailbone but ovarian cysts and possible PID, lots of free fluid. THEY callled my ob gyn (same one for 7 yrs) and he scheduled me an appt a month & 1/2 from now. 2 weeks ago i couldnt take it went to er, they did an ultrasound confirming the cysts etc, gave me pain meds, antibiotics thats it. cant bear the pain anymore but cant get in to my doc any sooner. has anyone else had tailbone pain with ovarian cysts or do you think it could be something else? what other action can i take? i am miserable :(

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