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Ovarian Cyst Size Of Orange

My fallopian tube ovary drowned my death?

Once, I lost an ovary. The doctor said the result was not an ovarian cyst. He said my fallopian tube actually found a way to wrap around my ovary and "Choke." Ovary swelling the size of an orange, which is supposed to the size of a peanut. Well, I'm retired. They said they have no idea why this happened to me. Does anyone have any idea? Has this happened to someone more? Do you think it hurt my chances of having children?

I am sorry that this happened to you. Never heard of this happening before, but if your other ovarian works well, so do not think there is a chance to be mitigated in a position to get pregnant, and her other ovary is releasing eggs to compensate abscense others. But I would check with a doctor and see if you can get an ordered list of ovulation to improve their chances of concieving. Good luck! And I hope this helps =]

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