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Ovarian Cyst Removal Recovery

the removal of ovarian dermoid cysts recovery how long any advice on any aspect of recovery?

I I'm sick and tired. I also lost my right ovary and I am very swollen in the abdominal region. I have 44. Any advice or information would be appreciated. I also wonder why my left side is more painful if my right side was the work done inside. In addition, use adhesive under the staples in the incision? Many thanks!

I had surgery to remove a cyst earlier this year, and I also lost one ovary. I was very bad the first 3-4 days a little swollen and tired. If you had laparoscopic like me, you may hurt his left side more than the right because of the incisions. Each court is different, and my umbilicus is the only hurts me more, especially when moved. As you know, recovery is different for everyone, but the good news is that despite the pain from the beginning, I recovered much quicker than expected. I have 26 years and the doctors said he was healthy, but I think that helped also spent the first days after surgery in my sleep. I was back at work in 5 days, and after a week, I was weaned off the medication and was much better. My incisions are closed with sutures and covered in what looked like clear glue. The transparent cover shed in a week or two, and the incisions heal in 3-4 weeks. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!

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