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Ovarian Cyst Blood In Urine

ovarian cyst and ectopic pregnancy confusing please let me know?

I had my period, May 21, 2009. I had sex 25 on May 30 and June 6 Each time, he ejaculated inside me. I am sure that ovulation. I'm regular and my period is supposed to be June 21 control.I not know Birth likely to get pregnant. Unfortunately, I went to the hospital June 7 and found an ovarian cyst. There was bleeding and that only seems to be a functional cyst. He took a pregnancy test and blood was negative. Guess I was checking to see if I had an ectopic pregnancy, I am confused because if they test positive in a urine test in a few days or even today and it was really an ectopic pregnancy! It was after just seven days I had sex when he performed a pregnancy blood test. Any unprotected sex in the 6 th most likely make me pregnant? I'm having a lot of pain on one side and he told me to my doctor. Thanks

The pain is most likely due to the cyst. I had and they hurt themselves. The blood test is likely to test your estradiol (E2) level to see if the cyst is active. A high level corresponds to an active cyst. If you still have pain and not be a positive urine test, your doctor may give the pill during a cycle to get rid of the cyst. Mine have disappeared on their own and most of the hope that this is the case for you. If you can not visit the CAC or get air. I have also had an ectopic pregnancy and had a blood test that will gather very early hCG. His blood tests have found at least an amount of hCG. I have not had any pain and was not found until the age of ectopic almost 6 weeks. To be on the safe side, I can go do a blood test if you are still concerned. Good luck!

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