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Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Ovary

Has anyone had an ovarian dermoid cyst?

Last month, I was diagnosed with complex cyst mass 10 cm ovarian dermoid on my ovary right and I'm about to go to hospital to have them removed by laparotomy in early June .. I was wondering if anyone else had cysts removed? and how you feel after after Op? Thanks xx

Although IM 14 and I had a cyst in the chest just as he was about 11 and 12 years old.I was afraid to tell my parents, but eventually discovered, was actually meant to be removed.I had my surgery on 5 January 2007 surgery, in my opinion, during and after surgery and I recovered enough is never quickly.But discomfort felt after the surgery, I had to stay home from school for three days and the doctor advised me not to eat only light foods such as soups, so do not get sick. But I think it will fine.I was a little scary at first, but the Lord was with all I time.The doctors probably go to the hospital early in the morning, but usually operate on you until this afternoon, that's what they have done for me.I had to come at 5 am and worked until 2, so that was really a long wait, but it was worth it.I really hope you do well and enjoy!

How To End Ovarian Cysts In As Little As 12 Hours

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