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Complex Ovarian Cyst Removal

Complex ovarian cysts there are alternatives to surgical removal?

I read some things about the ovarian cysts, and the response keeps coming back for complex cysts is surgical excision, usually by laparoscopy. This is done because of concerns about ovarian cancer. But there are other options available? How do they know that a cyst should be removed, especially if it is Multi-compartment?

I had a series of ovarian cysts complexes that have made me much pain, once with a 7.7cm cyst decided to perform surgery (laparoscopy) to remove the cyst, but before it broke now my I cyst and emergency surgery (laparoscopy). In April this year, I had another complex ovarian cyst was 4.6 cm, but my doctor and gynecologist recommended pill going to see if it resolves itself and if not never do another laparoscopy to remove it. The latest analysis told me that the cyst had increased further to 5.1 cm, but a week later, again the rest, though I did not need emergency surgery again. I guess it depends on the type of cyst, size and whether or painless. Most of the cysts that I had caused severe pain, but some of them were only 3.5 cm (which my doctor says it is not large enough to really work for) that usually wait for a cycle or two to see if they disappear by themselves, because more often than usual (go away by itself.) Hope that this response has contributed to your question. If you have more questions about ovarian cysts, please contact me at any time (the link to my email is in my profile). Good luck:)

laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy

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